Deutsch Langhaar Litters & Puppies

All puppies for the 2018 planned litter are spoken for!  Dam will be Frontrunners Chelsie and the Stud dog is Chumlee v. Whispering Wind.  Please contact me for any additional information!

Per the Deutsch Langhaar Breeding Regulations, male and female dogs are genetically of equal standing.  Only those dogs shall be permitted for breeding that are healthy, display endurance and resilience when they are hunted hard, display no breeding eliminating defects, and meet at least the following requirements:

  • Pass a VJP (or equivalent JGHV performance test)
  • Pass a HZP (or equivalent JGHV performance test)
  • Rate at least a G in all 3 categories of type, conformation, and coat
  • Hip x-ray rating of A, B, or C
  • Issued a Hartenachweis Certificate according to JGHV regulations
  • Marked loud according to JGHV rules and regulations / Issued a Loud Certificate

 The following Deutsch Langhaar litters from vom Whispering Winds are planned for 2018:

  • "D" Litter vom Whispering Winds will whelp in May 2018!

These are past Deutsch Langhaar litters from vom Whispering Winds: