March 2020 Deutsch Langhaar Litter

The "E" Litter vom Whispering Winds

Dam: Frontrunners Dakota
Whelp Date: 1/04/2017
Color: Braun/weisser Brustfleck (bwB)
Height:  60cm
Hip Rating: A
VJP: 64 points, pass
HZP: 167 points, pass
VGP: Coming Soon!
DNA: Clear
Eyes:  Clear
Breed show ratings: sg/sg/sg

Sire: Jack vom Illertal (Cooper)
Whelp Date: 8/10/2016 
Color: Braun/weiser Brustfleck (bwB)
Height: 66cm
Hip Rating: A
VJP: 68 points, pass
HZP: 188 points, pass
VGP: 290 
DNA: Clear
Eyes: Clear, dark
Confirmation: V/V/V

Dakota is a female Deutsch Langhaar  Cooper is a male Deutsch Langhaar















This breeding may produce a variety of color(s) in these puppies.  We could expect braun,braun/wiesser Brustfleck,braunschimmel, dunkleschimmel, and hellschimmel. These pups are bred for close working in the field and woods.

For additional information on this planned Deutsch Langhaar litter, or information on deposits and training, please contact us!  Thanks!