Slovakian Wirehaired Pointer Information

Ciara is a female Slovakian Wirehaired PointerSlovakian Wirehaired Pointers were bred to carry out tracks and retrieve task over long distance in variety terrains. The breed is exceptionally athletic and energetic, and it's important to know that.  The breed was developed just after world war 2.

Most accounts of the breed's heritage suggest that that dog was developed through a combination of the German Wirehaired Pointer, Cesky Fousek, and the Weimaraner breeds.

The Slovakian Wirehaired Pointer's development was from seeking a canine that was both versatile and with high levels of stamina so that could carry out tracking, pointing, and retrieving tasks. The breed is lively, happy, and eager to please. They can have a lot energy, and are very smart.  The Slovakians have great temperament, and like all puppies, should be socialized with all other dogs at an early age.

Coy is a male Slovakian Wirehaired PointerThe males average weight are between 55 to 70 pounds, standing at shoulders between 24"-27".  The females average weight is between 55 to 61 pounds, and standing at the shoulders between 22"-27".  

There two types of colors, solid gray, and gray roans. There coats range from medium, to medium harsh.

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